How to use rituals at your wedding.

Humans have been expressing their love for thousands of years. There are lots of rituals to use!

One of the most appealing things about a celebrant-led wedding is how they allow you to combine both traditional and modern elements; we can say exactly what we mean about our love.

We’ve spent millennia evolving and developing different rituals to help capture the unique emotions we feel when we tie the knot. Our service offers a huge range of really personal stories and ceremonies so you can find one that fits your own unique story.

Humans are ritual beings; the rituals we create often don’t make it past childhood sometimes, but they still get created. Rituals are one way in which we express ourselves to the world which helps make us more tangible and allows us to show our family and friends what matters to us.

There are a huge number of rituals you can use in your wedding ceremony. Ranging from the Jewish tradition of smashing a glass underfoot which recognises sorrowful occasions like the death of a loved one. This is helpful for couples who might be struggling to move on after experiencing loss. From the rainbow cord of a Handfasting ceremony or the tradition of golden crowns from Eastern Orthodox tradition, it’s possible for you to assemble rituals that work uniquely for you.

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