How to use rituals at your wedding.

Humans have been expressing their love for thousands of years. There are lots of rituals to use! One of the most appealing things about a celebrant-led wedding is how they allow you to combine both traditional and modern elements; we can say exactly what we mean about our love. We’ve spent millennia evolving and developing […]

Why are Celebrants increasing in popularity for Ceremonies?

It seems that more and more people are choosing to use a Celebrant for one of life’s milestone ceremonies, such as Weddings, Baby Naming’s and Vow Renewals or Funerals and Memorial Ceremonies. A Celebrant creates and officiates a unique and bespoke ceremony to mark life’s milestones. Non-religious weddings in Ireland are approaching parity with those which take […]

Wedding Ceremony Elements | Step-by-Step Guide | Unity Sand Ceremony

Weddings were once rather pre-prescribed affairs. In most cases that meant a bride, a groom, an officiant, some witnesses, and vows that were passed down through generations. You could, married or not, probably recite the ceremony by heart. As cultures and ethnicities have blended, though, the realm of the mainstream has expanded. Additions of “non-traditional” […]